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Untitled | Small Magazine | Visneau + Winter.

Steve accomplishes another delightful photo shoot for Small Magazine, featuring a group of creative kids (Wallflower Management)  hanging out in a loft, makin’ art and lookin’ stylish while doing so. Ms. Brittany Winter was behind the threads on this shoot and we gotta say ….we … Read More


A Summer Post..

The wait is over! This dreamy summer shoot “A Summer Place” by Steve Visneau finally appeared in the new issue of Small Magazine! (see the behind the scenes video). Styled by Christine Visneau (co-editor of Small and expert in all things fabulous for kids) and … Read More

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Steve shoots Small in the Sun.

Steve just shared this behind-the-scenes peek at the upcoming issue of Small Magazine! Anyone else stoked to see the final images?! We are!          


Where the Wild Little Queens Are…

We feel this post matches the color palette of today’s pale grey skies, don’t you? Children with antlers, capes and mirrors, Small Magazine shows us again that kids fashion can be  as edgy and unique as the grown-ups. And who shot this somber yet playful spread? Steve … Read More

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Northern Exposure…Texas Style.

The winter issue of Small Magazine is featuring some of Steven Visneau’s work – a rather appropriate post for a day like today, huh? Stay toasty-warm Texas!


Bon Automne, Small Magazine!

Across the country, the heat of summer is mellowing into fall. I’m sure that’s quite a lovely thing. Here in the Lone Star State, however, we are still enjoying temperatures near the century mark and the all-too-familiar, not at all autumnal sensation of sweat dripping from … Read More


Garden Party Anyone?

Happy Monday folks. Oh, to lounge in the garden on a pile of pillows… I’m hoping for a garden party sort of week. Below, Brother Steve for Small Magazine. In a word, gorgeous. Bravo, brother!


Chris is Underwater with Small Magazine

The latest issue of Small Magazine has just gone live and it is a stunner! Below are a few of my favorite shots from Brother Chris’ underwater swimwear story. To be honest, it was almost impossible to choose – I like them all so much. Check in … Read More


Steve Covers the BLOGSQUAD.

You know ‘em, you love ‘em, you try to catch up with them but they’re always a step ahead of you with their fabulousness… That’s right, I talking about the Dallas Mama Blog Squad. Mr. Visneau shot a series of portraits of these mother style … Read More


Steven Visneau – nothin’ Small about him!

Brother Steve does it again. Knockin’ our socks of in a big way for Small Magazine, this time, joining forces with styling great, Katelyn Mooney. The dynamic duo produced a zillion fantastic images you just have to see. Below are a few of my favorites, but see … Read More


Not actually small at all, or: Represent the Hunters

Steven Visneau does it again in the new issue of Small Magazine! See the full story I recently sneak peeked online now.


Sneak Peek: Small Magazine goes Lord of the Flies

Ugh, CANNOT wait to show you the whole thing!  Steven Visneau for Small Mag.