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Copy Paste | Brittany Winter for On Magazine

Second week of January! Let’s kick it off right, shall we? Brittany Winter styled this shoot with photographer Molly Dickson and it can be seen in the new issue of On Magazine. Titled “Copy Paste”, the post-production on this shoot really makes this editorial stand … Read More

RK Crop

Oh la la Louboutin

Whoa. I believe that was my exact reaction to seeing this jaw-dropping story shot by Brother Richard and styled by Sister Brittany for On Magazine‘s current issue. On location at the new Christian Louboutin Store in Highland Park Village, Wallflowers Allegra and Lexi are almost entirely outfitted in Louboutin … Read More


Geek Squad Goes Sexy or Brother Richard Transforms

I’ve always been of the opinion that Brother Richard can make any lady stunning and when you’re starting with a model, you know, where’s the challenge really? For the current issue of On Magazine, Richard’s just showin’ off his skills transforming the nerd herd into gorgeous gang. … Read More


To the point.

Brother Richard shot the cover of the current issue of ON Magazine. Simple and direct. I like it – makes me want to look inside, doesn’t it you? Alexandra of Wallflower Management is so totally rock n’ roll. Have a Happy Monday!


Behind the scenes with Brother Richard

A little sneak peek from Brother Richard‘s shoot for ON Magazine last week. Could there be a more rockin’ combo than black minis, motorcycles and a lovely lady? Stay tuned for the published story in a few weeks.


Richard Krall is ON Top

This month’s issue of ON Magazine boasts another fantastic cover shot and editorial by Mr. Krall. The story features a new addition to the Wallflower family of models, Becca.


Did I mention Mr. Krall is ON again?

Gasp!  Some how I failed to post the last RK ON cover story.  Better late than never.  Featuring lovely Kim Dawson lady, Cali Stewart. See the behind-the-scenes here.


Sneak Peek: Richard Krall for ON Magazine + New Face Cali Stewart

Richard worked with the lovely new face, Cali Stewart, yesterday for a project with ON Magazine.  What a beauty this one is! I’m excited to see the end result.  Such a pleasure too, to meet the sweet ladies of ON.


Richard Krall is ON.

In the event you are not familiar, allow me to introduce you to ON Magazine, a publication featuring fantasticness throughout North Texas.  Publisher, Paul Riddle, clearly has exceptional taste in photographers having published the work of both Brother Richard and Brother Steven. The current issue features … Read More