© 2014 Casey Dunn SXSW Create photography by Casey Dunn

Architecture at SXSW | photography by CASEY DUNN | Architectural Record Spring 2014

At SXSW in Austin this year, two architectural works of art were on display for festival goers to interact with on a terrace designated “SXSW Create.” Casey Dunn photographed “Wood Blocks and Steel Feathers” for Architectural Record.

Also mentioned & pictured in the May/June editor’s intro of Texas Architect, the Wood Blocks, actually called “Waller Wall,” was an interactive piece to promote the Waller Creek Conservancy (<--click that link. Wow. Go, Austin!). Representing Waller Creek's limestone formations, visitors spray painted, then moved, then removed the blocks. A really cool, impactful and fun way to promote education and action for the conservancy.

Inspired by gothic vaults, Steel Feathers or “Caret 6,” was a sight to behold – thousands of diamond-shaped steel sheets assembled into walkways of arches with the largest section being 11 feet high by 40 feet wide.

The piece was mesmerizing in person. From certain angles it felt like it had so much depth and dimension and from others, if you were to let your eyes go a bit out of focus, it would compress into a flat visual pattern.

It was really fun to photograph — I probably could have shot the thing for days and still found interesting moments to explore with the design / light / construction.

Both kids and adults interacted in a very playful manner and almost everyone would walk right up to about an inch away to examine the materials.

Quite literally…an awesome piece.

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