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Men of Style | STEVEN VISNEAU photography | Modern Luxury April 2014

Steven Visneau had the run of The Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek with his camera and a batch of Dallas’ most stylish men. He shares some of his tactics for shooting “real” people (i.e. not professional models) and his favorite outtake from the day.

The Mansion was gracious and accommodating. We had the run of the place!

I met each one of the guys 5 miuntes prior to shooting. I’m a bit of a chatter so it’s pretty easy for me to get to know someone, even in a short time. Typically, I try to find common ground with a subject that is not used to being in front of the lens (which they usually make clear numerous times throughout the shoot).

Alex DiJulio (installation artist) and Kyle Noonan (restauranteur)

I use normal conversation to loosen them up and shoot while the conversation continues.

DeMarco Murray (football player) and Steve Noviello (Fox News reporter)

shot at The Mansion on Turtle Creek

Omar Flores (chef) and Matt Alexander (creator of Need lifestyle brand)

I show them the images, as well, so they can give me their feedback and not be surprised upon publishing.

Doniphan Moore (interior designer)

Don was the last person I shot and he brought his new dog which turned out to be a blessing. People were stopping to pet the pup and it made for a great last shot!

Favorite outtake!

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