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Mixed Media | photography+collage by MOLLY DICKSON styling+collage by BRITTANY WINTER | FDLuxe April 2014

For the April issue of FDLuxe, Sisbro photographer and multimedia artist Molly Dickson was called on to create a fashion feature.

Subscribers got their issue with a pull out cover of her work and all issues contained her story “Mixed Media.”

The first story Molly “cut up and put back together” was a collaboration with stylist Brittany Winter and Make Up Artist Shane Moden and she brought them back for this one.

I think based on our first shoot, Brittany and I both agreed that the feeling we wanted could only be done hands-on, not with photoshop. It’s a little bit scarier to work that way but Brittany and I both really like working with the images physically rather than digitally on a project like this.

Brittany, Shane and I all had a general knowledge of how it would work beforehand but how the finished products end up is largely organic.

Using paperclips, thread, staples and such came from the idea that this would be a view into an artist’s workspace – unfinished pieces…kind of a view into an imaginary process that we imagined she might have. Because it was the art issue, that element was important.

Brittany and I both worked on the assembling the images. The physical cutting was split in two but we had to consult and problem solve together with each image to make it cohesive and all of the images were similarly worked.

Going into this shoot for the art issue really gave us an excuse to expand upon what we had done previously and play with ideas on top of ideas.

Molly shooting “Mixed media” at her studio. Photo by Elizabeth Farrell.

STYLING + COLLAGE Brittany Winter
ASST STYLING Elizabeth Farrell
HAIR + MAKE UP Shane Moden
MODEL Alexandra Hansen

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