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Meet the Family | stylist ADAM FORTNER

The most recent addition to the Sisterbrother Management roster.
Based in Austin, Texas, Adam is a stylist by way of art direction with a focus on architecture, interiors, and furnishings.
Here is his story…

Styling just happened to me. Many come by it honestly – working as an assistant to a stylist or in a studio. I worked as an art director and designer for a couple of architecture and interior magazines and oversaw shoots from time to time. Part of that was styling whatever needed styling. Once we hired an actual stylist for a shoot, I realized…people do this as their JOB?! And I was done for.

I moved back from L.A. to Texas to be a stylist.

Lime juggling on set

I love the inherent style so many people have. It might not be what you’d see in a magazine (although that’s changed in the last decade or so) but it’s those little moments that are so REAL which we stylists try to emulate in our work. Friends invite me over and say: “…you’re the stylist, what would you do?” But I’m busy admiring all the things they’ve done that I would never think to do. That’s thrilling and invigorating – inspiration is everywhere.

A lifelong love of this theatre of things is what lead me to this profession in the first place. I love the art and artistry of composing a beautiful photograph but on a philosophical level, I love what exists just outside the frame.

Being on a set and watching how it all transforms from random bits of walls and flooring into this slice of a perfect room – it’s magic. When just to the left and right of the frame sit bags, boxes, accessories, flowers, and furniture shoved out of the way for that one perfect moment. If I can make you believe that what we’ve done exists in real life, then I’ve done my job. 

I joined Sisterbrother in late 2013. I still remember receiving a card announcing the launch several years prior. I work a lot with Casey Dunn and through him had worked a bit with Jenn on some projects.

When I was thinking of getting representation, I talked to Casey about his experience and he encouraged me to give it a shot. I met with Jenn and Sam and it felt like a great fit.

Adam cuddling the talent on set

Everyone repped at Sisterbrother is so talented and I feel honored to be part of the family.
I think it’s a wonderful group to get to know.

And we, you. Last thought?
Go with the flow. A lot of times we make things harder than they need to be, especially because we want them to be perfect. But as a stylist you learn to work with what you have and that spontaneity sparks the moments I’m most proud of.

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