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Meet the Family | SAMANTHA COLLIE | stylist rep

Sam has been with Sisterbrother Management since almost the very beginning. Now an integral part of operations as the company’s stylist representative, her role has changed throughout the years. Here is her story…

I forget how I originally stumbled across Sisterbrother Mgmt…
The look of the website stood out from other agencies in town so I wrote Jennifer Dunn an email asking how one gets involved with the photography industry. I received a nice response but that was as far as our exchange went.

I was working on my graduate degree in Anthropology with a growing focus on Visual Anthropology where I hoped to explore photography as a skill set. The combo prompted me to get a camera and document a Yucatan field trip. Then I did a test fashion shoot with a college friend and was hooked!

I had a blog at the time and decided to give a wee shout out to SBM and Jennifer saw this. I guess it sparked her interest! Jennifer was needing an intern and I figured learning the business end would be useful.
November 2009, we met for coffee.
I became her intern and she my mentor.

By our “Year 1″ party at the Belmont Hotel, the stylist division had just formed.
I’d recently completed my M.A. and Jennifer started delegating duties related to these new additions to the family. As a stylist rep, I just learned day-to-day and in this business – you never stop learning.

Working alongside Jennifer, my eye for photography has developed and my business acumen is stronger. Watching the agency grow and seeing portfolios develop over the years – it really does feel like a family. I love looking back at the zines and videos we’ve put together as a group.

I continue to take photos, myself. Working with SBM has gained me friends in the industry and a network of talented folks who I’ve had the opportunity to shoot with for fun.

Photo by Samantha Collie

Photo by Samantha Collie

Photo by Samantha Collie

Being on set is my favorite part of this business. I love visiting the stylists on their photo shoots. All the components and people coming together to produce something wonderful, it’s great to be a part of it.

Last thought?
Be humble, be thankful.

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  1. Posted 30 Jan ’14 at 2:01 pm | Permalink

    SAM!! My invaluable right-hand woman and my friend! Couldn’t ask for more!