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Porch House Pre-Fab Concept | photographed by CASEY DUNN | Fall 2013

Sisterbrother photographer Casey Dunn gets to experience some incredible spaces. This one is no exception. A concept house from sustainable Lake | Flato Architects, Casey talks about the intimacy garnered from staying in a structure you are shooting and what makes this one special.

In the fall of last year, I was commissioned by Lake | Flato Architects to shoot the latest application of their Porch House pre-fab modules.

The house is set on an incredible plot of land that nestles up to the Blanco River in Wimberley, Texas. The site couldn’t be more perfect for the Porch House concept, which maximizes the interaction with the outdoors by incorporating separate living and sleeping modules with large banks of sliding glass doors.

I have had a few opportunities to shoot Lake/Flato residential projects in similarly beautiful and somewhat removed locations. Due to the lack of surrounding accommodation, we have been able to stay on site which, as a photographer, is the best way to fully experience a project.

To that point, one of my favorite things about working with the Lake/ Flato team is their philosophy of a blurred line between life and architecture. We are encouraged to exist in the location— make fires, fish, go swimming and jump off rope swings.

Having the freedom to fully interact in the space allowed an amazing perspective from which to tell the story of the project.


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