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Hoops and Dreams | by photographer CASEY DUNN

I have

always been super into sports. In high school, it was easier to fit into one specific category – being a jock and a punk rock kid was definitely not allowed. As an adult, I can be interested in art and sports as much as I damn well please.

Known for his architectural photography, Sisterbrother photographer Casey Dunn flexes his eye on a different kind of subject in a different kind of way.

Casually collecting images of basketball goals across the country while traveling for work, he tells us how this series came about and what it means to him.

I got super into basketball 4 or 5 years ago and I will admit that I may have been on the verge of being obsessed. I was playing in a couple night leagues as well as pickup games throughout the week.

I tore my ACL and Miniscus during a league game and just like that, my YMCA basketball career was kaput.

It sounds weird but I went through a period of depression after my surgery, realizing that my days as a gym rat (along with my 20s) were behind me.

With the extra time from the surgery, I started putting the hoop photos I’d been taking into a more organized collection.

There was some grieving going on but this period solidified the foundation for what I expect to be a continuing series.

This is a departure from my architectural work in terms of its lack of composition.

An architectural scene must be composed and recomposed until all elements have proper weight and balance while retaining emphasis on the critical architectural elements in the photograph.

I have always been inspired by the German photographic aesthetic. Particularly The Bechers (Bernd and Hilla), whose work is almost clinical in the way that it documents and studies like forms and structures.

This basketball series is almost devoid of composition.

Noticing the variation in subject and environment is left to the viewer.

More on Casey’s basketball series HERE.

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