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Agency Director JENNIFER DUNN talks the Dallas Creative Scene

Last Fall, Sisterbrother Management owner + director, Jennifer Dunn, was profiled in the article “FROM STETSONS TO FEDORAS: THE RISE OF DALLAS’ CREATIVE CLASS.”

SMU Article "Rise Of Dallas's Creative Class"

Existing in the hearts of Dallas’s creative communities since her days at Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts, Jenn has seen the local creative culture evolve for nearly 20 years.

As we have the inside line on her SMU article interview, expanded thoughts are below…

I have many thoughts on the concept of creativity but I suppose at the center of it all, I think creativity is elemental, a force. Our natural urge to take all the tools at our disposal and combine them to make new tools. There are countless variables impacting that urge. Freedom is a big one, meaning, head space.

Dallas has this reputation as conservative and entirely money-driven. And there is truly a lot of wealth here. But for those of us living and working and otherwise involved in creative fields, we know, of course, that there is also an active and evolving community of progressive artists and they are patronized by other Dallasites. Supporting that growth by attending the smaller, more obscure events and spreading the word is important.

Jennifer Dunn with Dallas artist Sally Glass

I’m moved by so many people and bowled over by the creativity of folks both in the spotlight and far outside of it.

Creativity is everywhere. Gains are made in any industry, any area of life, by this re-combining of tools I mentioned. Entering the Nasher, it’s fair to expect evidence of exceptionally creative minds. But what about in neighborhood association meetings? Moving money around to develop the fantastic, new, pedestrian-friendly, bike-able neighborhoods all over Dallas – that requires incredible innovation and creativity.

Agency director Jennifer Dunn on set

I love being so intimately involved in the growth and evolution of artists. It’s really special to get inside their heads a little and see how they think and what’s important to them. To understand what makes them do what they do.

Jennifer Dunn with photographer Darren Braun

I work hard but I do it for and with artists, friends and family I admire greatly so it hardly feels like work. That I’m able to provide for myself and my daughters by doing this is beyond fulfilling.

Jennifer Dunn founded SisterBrother Management in 2009.
The Current Roster Includes:
Darren Braun
Molly Dickson
Casey Dunn
Chris Plavidal
Richard Krall
Steven Visneau
Samantha Collie
Jennifer Bigham
Adam Fortner
Mari Hidalgo
Stephanie Quadri
Brittany Winter
Elizabeth Farrell
Ashley McPherren
Dana Stalewski

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