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Here’s To Gifting Them The In-Between | Photography by CHRIS PLAVIDAL Styling by MARI HIDALGO | FDLuxe Dec/Jan 2013/14

Chris Plavidal (photographer) and Mari Hidalgo (stylist) hit it out of the park on this one.
Forty Dallas stores are represented with slick gift ideas in the Dec/Jan issue of FDLuxe.
Presented in scenes split by color and layout pattern.

Chris : These were each done as a single shot, so it took an incredible amount of time to create each one. First we sketched each shape, in tape, on the floor and then started placing objects where they needed to go.

A high volume of sourcing for Mari and her assistant, Dana Stalewski :
The real bear of this project was the amount of product that was needed to successfully cull the layout.

Keeping track of product credit information was huge – each person was responsible for the credits for pieces they pulled. Truly a team effort with everyone on the FDL team plus Dana and I to gather the gifts. And it worked brilliantly!

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