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DARREN BRAUN photography | Spirit Magazine November 2013

Brother Darren created a few scenes for the November Spirit Magazine (Southwest Airlines in-flight mag). How does a client approach a photographer with disparate coverage needs?

They approached me with some ideas in hand – very loose ideas they wanted elevated and played with. Some of the images I completely sketched from the ground up.

For the Plymouth shot, the clouds and environment were shot on location and the 1st section of the sign was a few feet to the right. All were shot within a few minutes of each other, with the same light, and the additional tiers of signs were added in post. But they are photographs of the same sign at different vantage points so they could, whimsically so, accurately follow the vanishing point.

The Mushroom shot was a bit of a challenge – finding the right cluster of ‘shrooms was hard. I would get to a grocery store, look around and find out a resturant had come through and decimated that section. I ended up getting them at a whole foods in far… far… north Dallas.

Worth the trek! Those are some good lookin’ mushrooms.
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