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James Avery | Styling by BRITTANY WINTER and JENNIFER BIGHAM | Christmas 2013

A handful of SisterBrother stylists were involved in the creation of a landmark James Avery Catalogue. The jewelry company, turning 50 next year, has not used models in their catalogues for decades.

For Christmas 2013, they decided to.

Stylists Brittany Winter and Jennifer Bigham, along with assistant stylists Ashley McPherren and Elizabeth Farrell, made up the styling team.

Ashley grew up wearing James Avery so this project was a thrill for her.
Just before the shoot, my grandmother had given me a vintage James Avery armadillo ring and the James Avery people were excited to see it. James Avery’s grandson was actually on the set. That was pretty cool!

Brittany says sourcing Christmas for the July shoot was a fun challenge.
Christmas props I mainly had to pull from friends and family. I pretty much used our family table set up for the Christmas dinner scene.

The most interesting part was when I was asked to find a Christmas tree in the middle of July. Luckily I found a sweet Christmas tree farm that allowed me to come out and chop one down ahead of season! Who knew Christmas trees grew in Texas!? Not me, but apparently Virginia pines grow nicely in this climate.

So, did you actually get to axe or chainsaw your tree down?!
Haha, no. Old man winter that worked there did that for me! I just pointed out the winner. :)

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