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Photographer CASEY DUNN for Tribeza October 2013

You’ve probably figured out by now that SisterBrother photographer Casey Dunn specializes in architecture photography. And that he’s really, really good at it. It’s only natural, then, that Tribeza Magazine called on Casey to photograph not one but two of their stories in October’s “The Architecture Issue.”

With photography by Casey Dunn

The Austin-based magazine highlighted impressive area structures.

Casey comments : For a magazine that has local distribution and does not regularly focus on architecture, securing homes of this caliber was pretty impressive.

I was excited about shooting both houses but for completely different reasons.

First up is “Rooms With A View.”

Rooms With A View

Owners of the hill-set lot in Westlake recruited a favorite architecture firm of Casey’s, Alterstudio, to build their dream house. Dreamy, indeed.


For Tribeza Magazine October 2013

We notice something new here, Casey…people!

…because the home owners had recently just moved in, there was more staging and ultimately having people in the shots helped give it a more lived in feel. Luckily, I had my “brother” Adam Fortner along with me to work his magic with propping the interiors.

Is this something we can expect to keep seeing in your work?

When I first started shooting, people always kind of freaked me out. They move, breathe, complain, and most “regular” people are worried about how they look in photographs. As I have been shooting architecture over the years and there have been more chances to shoot people in the space (for scale), I have actually grown to really enjoy it.

In fact I am starting to mix in more environmental people stuff in my editorial home features and it is a welcome change of pace. I don’t think I will be shooting fashion any time soon but mixing in some environmental portraiture is definitely in my plans for the future.

We look forward to seeing more!

For Casey’s other feature in the issue, “An Alchemy of Design & Science,” the house’s build integrates solar energy features with a casual, modern design.

The homeowner’s had been living there for a couple of years so this one required much less staging.

The property had everything you could hope for when shooting a house – unique shaped volumes, innovative interior elements, great decor, and an incredible art collection.

This one was pretty much teed up for us and was one of my favorite residential projects thus far in 2013. This house was actually featured in Interiors magazine a few months back so it was a nice challenge to see how our final images would stack up to theirs.

for Tribeza Magazine "The Architecture Issue"

We’re guessing the images stack up nicely.

Beautiful work!

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