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How To Travel Better | Photography by CHRIS PLAVIDAL | Virtuoso Life Oct2013

SisterBrother photographer Chris Plavidal is generally a calm personality.
Until you give him a saber as a prop, apparently!
We’ll get to that in a moment…

For the cover and accompanying inside story “How To Travel Better” in October 2013′s Virtuoso Life magazine, Chris shot various imagery illustrating travel tips.

One of the tips was “How To Saber A Champagne Bottle.”
A practical skill we should all be equipped with…just in case.

So, Chris, how did this happen on set?
Did everyone get a try?
Were many bottles harmed in the making of this photo?

I REALLY REALLY wanted to chop off the end of the bottle with the saber. It took the entire crew to stop me. I’m still sad I didn’t get to do it. The clean cuts were done by the sommelier at the resort in the story. It came here like that and we made it look like it was full.

Ah, well. We can imagine.
Or capture the idea in photography, as it were.

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One Comment

  1. Greg
    Posted 14 Oct ’13 at 8:06 pm | Permalink

    Dude, that is super cool! Great shots. I’m gonna try that with a machete and a 40oz!!!