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FlexJet | Styled by MARI HIDALGO with asst styling by ASHLEY McPHERREN

Getting Her Wings.
Taking Off.
Small Space, Big Style.

So many analogies for SisterBrother stylist Mari Hidalgo‘s FlexJet shoot! Ha.

But, seriously, know what it’s like to style and shoot inside a private jet?
Please, do tell, Mari…

“This was a very special shoot. From the fly-away perspective to the squeeze component to the sheer amount of wardrobe. Literally, everything had to be weighted, accounted for + monitored. If any article of clothing flew off and got sucked into a jet engine – it could cost millions to repair! So, the pressure was on to keep all of our bits on lock-down!”

“We had 14 talent in 41 looks plus a sweet puppy dog! So, lots of logistics, timing, tracking and speeeeeeed! Big thanks to my assistant, Ashley McPherran, who held it down in the RV!”

“We were shooting on the jet liners for 3 days and did loads of scenarios in record time. More often than not, I found myself squeezed in between a chair & a wall just to keep a close eye on the talent’s wardrobe.”

“We shot in June, in Texas, out in on a runway and we couldn’t turn the plane on for A/C so as all great crews do, we improvised (thank goodness or my talent would have melted)! They ended up running in cooling which resulted in plastic tubing flopping around on the plane from time to time. Pretty hilarious, but worth beating the heat!”

“Styling for this project was especially awesome because we wanted to represent all different moments in life when taking the beautiful luxury-liner: FlexJet.”

“Between the photographer, Stewart Cohen, the Art Director + myself we felt it was important to have the clothing communicate affluence but with subtle accents. Keeping in mind the FlexJet client clearly has the means but prefers not to be flashy, I selected clothing with quality fabrics that fit each person really well & was stylish…”

“So throw that all in a bag, jumble it up & call it a wrap!”

A unique and challenging shoot.
Great work, Mari!

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