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Big Bang Theory | styled by BRITTANY WINTER | FDLuxe Aug 2013

…bing Bang BOOM!

Playing with powder – specifically, colored Indian powder – turns out to be fun, messy and a bit precarious.

Curious how the planning + on-site implementation went for a shoot whose main effect would be added later, SisterBrother stylist Brittany Winter gives us insight into the process.

“A white story was mentioned because of the vibrant powder colors but I didn’t want it to be too whimsical so i threw in more “sporty” pieces that still felt high-end but kept the feeling more active. I knew Tricia Rollo (model) was going to be moving a lot in the shots so I chose pieces that would either allow her to move or moved well when in motion.”
Blue Indian powder fashion shoot

“While prepping for how Tricia would be able to move as if she were being blown with powder storms we bought (and returned) two small trampolines and at the last minute I offered up my mattress so she would be able to fall on a soft surface (I had just bought a new mattress so it was a perfect excuse to get rid of my old one!).

“Because all of the clothes were white, I was terrified of the colored powder getting near them so before we attacked her with powder I made sure every piece was out of the studio. I brought a vintage white nightgown for Tricia to wear when we actually threw the powder on her.”

FD Luxe Dallas

And the clean up of such fine, brightly hued powder?

“The powder was so fine that poor Sara (Kerens, photographer) and Jaime (Huckaby, producer) were there for hours wiping down the cyc. I had left to start returning the clothes but had I known it would be such a crazy clean up I would have totally stayed to help! They said that they would wipe it down then walk away and look back and there would be a fresh layer of pink that had settled in the meantime.”

Wah wah wah.
But the mess was so worth it.
What gorgeous color plumes!

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