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James Turrell “Twilight Epiphany” | Photography by CASEY DUNN | Texas Architect July / August 2013

Have you caught buzz about the new large-scale Skyspace Installation at Rice University in Houston?

Photographed by Casey Dunn

A gorgeous, transformative work by James Turrell (whose name you may be familiar with of late from the unfortunate controversy with his Dallas Nasher Sculpture Center piece).

SisterBrother Management’s Casey Dunn was honored to be the first to take professional photos of Turell’s new work, “Twilight Epiphany,” for Texas Architecture Magazine.

“I was pretty blown away by the piece. I had seen a Terrell skyspace before, but the open air aspect of the Rice installation is pretty incredible.”

“People could not stay away from the installation. When we shot it, the exhibit hadn’t opened yet. They were going through the light cycle for the purpose of the shoot and for a test run, so people started to congregate as soon as the lights came on.”

“My goal with this image was to convey how close the skyspace actually feels to the sky when looking through the oculus. I think the low clouds in the image really helped to illustrate this experience. “

“We shot the full 90 min installation color cycle with the goal of coming away with one single dusk image. There are certain shoots where you have to fight with weather, the lighting, and Murphy’s Law every step of the way. This was not one of those occasions. In fact, this shoot felt kind of a gift from the photo gods-I arrived, picked my angle and as soon as the critical dusk moment arrived, the most beautiful low flying cloud came and sat right atop the installation and then left. I knew immediately that we had the shot. “

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