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How To Marry Like a Star | photos by STEVEN VISNEAU styling by BRITTANY WINTER + STEPHANIE QUADRI | FD Luxe + The Texas Wedding Guide

Mick + Bianca. Elizabeth + Richard. Priscilla. Yoko + John.

A few members of the SisterBrother MGMT roster had the fun task of recreating classic celebrity couples’ wedding looks for FD Luxe + The Texas Wedding Guide : “How to Marry Like a Star.”

Sisterbrother Management Stylists

“Elvis + Priscilla”

The shoot took more pre-production time than your average fashion shoot since the looks were so specifically referenced. SisBro photographer Steven Visneau and the FD Luxe creative team “cast the shoot together, choosing only the models that would personify the icons that we were trying to emulate.”

SisterBrother MGMT talent styled and shot this celebrity wedding homage photo


“…anytime using iconic images as inspiration – challenges are present. It’s difficult to get the original image out of your mind when looking at the current image. Instead of a carbon copy we tried to give the feel of the overall era, style and intent of the original image. It was really fun playtime.”

SisterBrother team pairs up to recreate classic celebrity couple wedding photos

Yoko + John

Stylists Brittany Winter and Stephanie Quadri had a blast sourcing the looks. “The biggest challenge was finding current pieces that referenced or looked similar enough to the original looks.” Scouring online and in local Dallas stores such as Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, V.O.D. and Forty Five Ten, they pulled off the vintage references with all current pieces save “for a pair of white gloves from Factory Girl.”

clothing sourced by Brittany Winter and Stephanie Quadri

the gloves!

D Magazine Texas Wedding Guide photo by Steven Visneau

Audrey + Mel

“We had to go outside of traditional wedding gowns to complete some of the looks. For example, the Mia Farrow look is a Comme Des garçon skirt suit. I enjoyed that styling aspect the most because it was a modern approach to both the vintage looks and traditional weddings.”

Photographed and Styled by SisterBrother Management talent

Mia + Frank

“Elizabeth Taylor’s” yellow wedding dress turned out to be the most difficult find. “We were having a hard time locating an appropriate yellow dress that could pass for her original dress and then we turned the corner in the Gucci department at Neimans and there it was! And we both yelled, “Ah! That’s our Liz!”  We couldn’t believe we found such a perfect fit.”

D Magazine How to Marry Like a Star photo spread

Elizabeth + Richard

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