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Sneak Peek!

Stylist Malina Pearson sent me these teasing snapshots of her current project, styling Wigwam: an arts, crafts and vintage saturated pop-up shop appearing at the new Oil + Cotton annex THIS FRIDAY. I cannot wait to see the finished production. And shop of course! - … Read More

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Wood You Love Me…?

Brittany Winter adds her styling mojo to this vintage/native inspired shoot by Jeremy Shelby. I think we can all say, “Yes! We Wood Love You!”  


Plavidal. Winter. Coming to a Studio Near You!

The intrepid duo that is Chris Plavidal and Brittany Winter teamed to fight crime collaborate on a test shoot that burst forth with images such as these! A good way to kick off any evil villain Monday.  


Molotov Bourbon anyone?

In the true spirit of Texas, this weeks issue of the Dallas Observer has a dynamic molotov inspired cover shot by none other that Chris Plavidal (and styled by Brittany Winter!) Accompanying a story on the rise of quality Texas whiskey distilleries, I think this … Read More

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Prom King Krall is back!

You may recall Richard’s first coronation as prom king this time last year when his work was featured for Neiman’s April Book highlighting prom season! This prom season, look out for future Krall images here and on Neiman Marcus Online!  

DB Men's Journal Supplements

Take two and call me in the morning…

Darren Braun and Stephanie Quadri that is! Darren and Stephanie’s collaborative work can be see accompanying this health story in the March issue of Men’s Journal.  

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Steve’s Already a Star!

Pick up this month’s issue of Dallas Child magazine and check out the striking cover by Brother Steve Visneau, accompanying the headline story “So Your Kid Wants to Be a Star”….Star-struck? We are! xoxo Sam    


Tragic? No. Obsessed? Yes!

If you’re an opera fan, I’m sure you have seen or will see the latest promotional push by the Dallas Opera for their 2011 season. (and if you’re not an opera fan, you should check it out!) The theme of this season is “tragic obsessions” … Read More


Winter makes Spring. And Spring makes us happy.

  Brittany does it again. Her eye for textures and color translate boldly in this test shoot with photographer Thom Jackson. Assisted by Ariella Villa, Brittany combined all the elements of this shoot while Remy & Mary Margaret of Wallflower Management and Makayla of Kim Dawson were … Read More


It’s So Intense!

Whoa, double rainbow! Brother Chris Plavidal and Sister Brittany Winter display a myriad of color in this month’s issue of F/D Luxe! Time to take inspiration from them and get some color back into the ol’ winter wardrobe! sam