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A Recap of 2010 – Allison V. Smith

Let’s take a moment to catch up on the past few months with the intriguing Allison V. Smith.  Her eye for quirky memorable photos always make her blog a great place to visit.

From her  blog posts on superficialsnapshots.com we give you our top 5 picks of 2010.

1) She paid homage to a lost friend. Frankie Campangna, better known as Frankie 45 of Spector 45 died January 1st at the too-young age of 24. Allison had a history of shooting portraits of him and his band, including the now-famous portrait below.

Deep Ellum will never be the same. (see storyhere.)


Update: Allison recently shared images from Frankie 45′s memorial at Club Dada. Be sure to check them out.

2) Took some serene images of a Texas Winter.


3) Shared her favorite photobooks with us. (definitely worth checking out!)


4) Went to RUSSIA. I know, right? RUSSIA. Epic.

_allisonvsmith0001.JPG_allisonvsmith0003.JPG5) Found Zorro in her neighborhood on Halloween. Love the intensity of this little guy’s expression.

_allisonvsmith_halloween_16) And basically shares her life, through her eyes. Thank you Allison for such a captivating blog. We shall continue to follow you through 2011. Can’t wait to see what images await us!



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