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Please hold for a brief message from Monsieur Krall

Brother Richard has some of the best stories of our lovely industry I’ve ever heard. Stories about Paris in the photo shoot glamour hay days. Stories about Guy Bourdain. Stories about models and on-set antics. When asked to create a biographical video for the website, Richard pulled from all of these experiences and others. In the end, what he created is a work that so taps the core essence of humanity that not one of us could view this and leave less than … moved.

I would not typically include a personal exchange here in such a public domain, but in this case, I feel I should make an exception.

From Jenn:

Wow, it’s beautiful.

Are you saying about yourself that you are beautiful and fascinating and nomadic but very slow moving? And that you could drown in beer?

From Richard:

Actually, it’s more of when he gets to the end of the twig, throws up his little arms in desperation, pleading in agony…

frustration, exasperation, utter disappointment and then, finally, abandoning hope… miserable, demoralized, defeated.

surrender, sweet surrender..

but, if you’re thinking “beautiful and fascinating”, I can go with that.

Thanks, J!

…that ‘drowning in beer’ thing may have some merit.


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