Monthly Archives: July 2009


Working with Gravity

Chris Plavidal teamed up with stylist, Keith Wilkens today to perform a few scientific experiments with gravity. Actually, no, not scientific at all, but still experimental. Tons of fun, I think you’ll agree.


The September Issue

D-Town may not be home to the Ice Queen, Anna Wintour or the offices of Vogue, but our local F!D Luxe publishes it’s very own version of the September Issue each year and Richard Krall was in on the action. Here’s a very obscured peek so as not to give … Read More


Can we talk about Bubble(s) for a minute?

One of Brother Steve’s images has been chosen to brand this year’s Bubble Kids Trade Show.  We’ll be in New York next week to visit some of his clients and to hang a small exhibition of his work at Bubble.


And one makes four…

Richard Krall’s work is all glam.  The most beautiful girls, of-the-moment fashions, amazing hair and makeup and, of course, fantastic light – each a part of every image in Richard’s portfolio. Not bad for a guy from small town Texas.


Wallflower Love

My guess is you’ve already heard of the new model agency, Wallflower Management. Breaking onto the scene just a few weeks apart, I like to think of us as the new kids on the block.  Nothing new, however, about founder Tammy Theis’ incredible eye.  Best wishes … Read More


A pleasure to meet you.

Darren Braun.  This is an idea man.  Darren’s photography is conceptual and smart.  No shortage of awards and accolades here. On top of all the trophies, Darren is also HI-larious!


Hello Friend!

Chris Plavidal is our resident still life and interiors expert.  As patient as the day is long and determined to get the very best possible shot, Chris’ focus on precision and inventiveness is apparent in his work. Chris’ great iTunes playlist and easy-going manner make him … Read More