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Briggs does it again

From the current swimsuit spread in D Magazine, comes a great video shot by the man Kalan Briggs. Featuring the star of the show, Steve Visneau with cameos by the whole crew, our fearless leader Jennifer and yours truly, we.must.share.the.awesome!!  

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Friday the 13th is past but…

You should check out this video that our Steve Visneau shot for Dallas Observer, documenting the phenomenon of getting a number 13 tattooed on Friday the 13th. Edit and Directed by: Alexander Flores Released on: Dallas Observer Arts and Culture Thanks to: Oliver Peck, Elm … Read More

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Behind The Scenes – Mr. Briggs Documents SisterBrother Mgmt Makin’ a Ruckus.

The talented Kalan Briggs was witness to the hijinks that occurred on the set of our Holiday 2011 video. A heady mixture of champagne and a rocking soundtrack fueled us to dance a jig, pop balloons and generally goof around in front of the camera. Kalan, … Read More

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Hello friends, HAPPY 2011! Some may consider this a few days late… We like to think we’re just keepin’ the party going a little longer. Thanks for a fantastic year – beautiful in so many ways… xoxo, SISTERBROTHER MGMT. .


SisterBrothers are NEVER Tardy to the Party!

2010 has been good to us. I mean, tricky and a touch unpredictable at times, but mostly … great. That said, I think we are collectively excited to bid adieu to 2010 and welcome in the new year. Hello 2011, you look ravishing tonight! For … Read More

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Behind the Scenes with Brother Steve

There is quickly forming an extension of the Sisterbrother family… Little brothers and sisters with loads and loads of talent and the crispy, fresh and clean vision of youth. One of our favorites is Brother Kalen. This is not his first appearance here on the Sisterbrother … Read More

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And then he pulled out the tin foil.

Oh, Happy Monday. Brother Steve and Sister Stephanie partnered up with Wallflower Mary Margaret and Wallflower Shane for a GORGEOUS test recently. Our assistant Numero Uno, Kalan Briggs got a bit of behind the scenes footage for your viewing pleasure. Have a great day! This is YOUR week, … Read More

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Happy Monday, Y’all.

Some Mondays, it’s best to start with something that makes you say, “Dang, that’s really cool”. Let’s have a great week!

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…and a musician too.

Brother Chris….

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Please hold for a brief message from Monsieur Krall

Brother Richard has some of the best stories of our lovely industry I’ve ever heard. Stories about Paris in the photo shoot glamour hay days. Stories about Guy Bourdain. Stories about models and on-set antics. When asked to create a biographical video for the website, Richard … Read More

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And Now a Moment with Brother Chris

Chris’ bio video is now online at Is it just me, or do my sisterbrothers each seem to have a fantastic ear to match the keen eye? Get the latest Flash Player to see this player. [Javascript required to view Flash movie, please turn … Read More

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A Little Bit About Sister Allison

Sister Allison’s bio video is up at! It’s a for real “meet the family” moment. I think you’ll love it! View HERE: AVSDoggies