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Pack your bags!

It’s still summer and people are still squeezing in some vacation time! I wanted to share this so-clean cover shot by Chris Plavidal and Mari Hidalgo for Virtuoso Life magazine whose focus is traveling…in style! Makes me want to pack a bag and take another … Read More


Prosecco behind the scenes!

“Plavidal” and “Prosecco” just sound so great together, don’t they? It’s not every day you get to start the work day with mimosas and just keep it flowin’ all day.  Especially with the client’s approval! A fantastic client + the perfect bubbly + Mr. Plavidal = … Read More


In Print Now: Virtuoso Life Magazine

The good folks at Virtuoso Life Magazine feature a different adult beverage in each issue of their publication.  This month, it’s Jenn’s gin’s turn.  Having come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a remedy for kidney ailments in the 17th century, gin is now officially … Read More