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Molly Dickson has been with Sisterbrother Management since early 2013. Her photography has youthful energy, high-end edge and exudes sexy confidence.

Truly a multimedia artist, Molly often works in many mediums – combining photography with raw materials, manipulation, then further photography. And sometimes we are all treated to a stop motion piece created from her still images. Here’s her story…

I love Jenn and Sisbro! It feels great to have someone you admire believe in your work. 

I think having a fundamental point of view is important. I love when you can tell who the photographer is, before you see the credits. I’m inspired by work that is strong because it is simple. Stylistically that can mean very different things.  

I grew up around the industry but never really thought about photography until college. Focused on drawing and painting initially, I then played around in the Radio / Television / Film world – but photography is what stuck.

The draws of photography, for me, are the speed at which you can create work compared to other mediums, and the amount of control.  More and more photographers are playing with video, but there will always something powerful about a still image.

I think of stop motion as an extension of photography (I’m editing and mixing media sometimes frame by frame, in a similar way that I have done for other projects).  There are technical aspects that make it better to shoot stills than take frames from video and I have always just loved it. Stop motion is like a moving version of something bright and shiny, fast and fun.

Projects evolve for me – I start with a basic premise then let the process define the product, somewhat. Often, my favorite bits are when something totally unplanned works out, or when a mistake becomes an asset.

Last Thought?
I just want to have fun.

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