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Gardner Austin | photography by CASEY DUNN | Summer 2014

It’s a little known secret that Sisterbrother photographer Casey Dunn, known for his stunning architecture photography, also has a way with food.

Pictured below is a recent collaboration between Casey and Cody Haltom for Austin restaurant Gardner. Casey reports similarities and differences between capturing architecture and food.

My approach to all photography is largely about creating a composition that is both balanced and dynamic. When shooting architecture, a large portion of the subject is immovable which, creatively, can be a double-edged sword. Sometimes you wish that certain elements of the design weren’t so permanent but having a creative starting point is really nice.

With food, many times you start with a totally empty table which can be daunting. But there is also a fun excitement that comes with a totally clean slate.

I move vegetables and props around in the same way that I would move a couch into or out of the frame based on what feels best for the scene.

photography by Casey Dunn


When a food photograph is successful, it is gratifying knowing that the entire image was made from scratch. 

We can’t wait to see more food work from Casey. These shots are gorgeous.

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