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Meet the Family | stylist BRITTANY WINTER

Brittany is a valued member of the Sisterbrother Styling roster. Adept at both still life and fashion, she brings an artistic edge to everything she does. Here’s her story…

I have always been interested in creative and artistic fields. After getting really into my high school art classes, I was accepted into Parsons School of Design in New York City.
At Parsons I studied product and furniture design because I always liked working with my hands and was interested in three-dimensional design. 

After college I came back to Dallas with no idea what I actually wanted to do for a living.
A good friend thought I would be good at styling.
Meanwhile, I had no idea what “styling” was. 

I went in for an interview and began assisting the next day. I was lucky enough to assist two people who are, in my opinion, two of the best stylists working in the business: Tammy Theis and Jay Williams.

After a year and a half I began styling on my own. 

I was attracted to Sisterbrother because of the agency’s boutique size and Jen’s enthusiasm and family-like values within the agency.  Plus Jenn and Sam are just rad people with a great eye for photography and both extremely creative on their own!  

Styling both still-life and fashion, I really get to mix it up. 

Sometimes it’s hard to decide which I like better because they are both so different.  I do love the control you get with still life – taking time on a compelling composition / image.

What I love most about styling is that every job is different with different challenges.  I love collaborating with other creatives and being able to concept and create amazing images. 

And I’m lucky to work with people that will get weird with me and try things outside the box.

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