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Meet the Family | photographer STEVEN VISNEAU

An original roster member.
A drummer, a father, a husband; in the Sisbro fam, Steven Visneau is a passionate brother. A photographer who never stops shooting and says it’s all about the people.
Here is his story…

I’ve been obsessed with Photography since childhood.

My mom loved magazines so I would sneak off and thumb through the pages with such awe at the imagery and the stories the pictures told. I like to tell stories so my job is kinda a match made in heaven.

My path to working as a professional photographer began when I was mostly a touring musician as well as photo assisting. A friend sold me a Nikon for dirt cheap and I started shooting anything and everyone I could. Pretty soon I wanted to start shooting on my own so a friend asked me to shoot her maternity line. It was the very first client I ever had. Ended up being pretty good. From there, I second shot for JCPenney, then left on my own when Sisterbrother was formed.

When I heard that Jenn wanted to branch out on her own I jumped at the chance to be a part of Sisterbrother. I have known her for a long time – you could say she really is a sister to me. She is someone I adore as well as respect her judgement in culture and art.

Although I do make a living as a Photographer, it’s the act of shooting and creating which keeps me going. I have shot longer not getting paid than getting paid.
It’s about doing what you love and have to do.

After a job, test or even just shooting from the hip I always find myself remembering the time I had with the individuals involved. The people I meet and spend time with – it’s the best part of my job.

My work is inspired in different and changing ways. Some days it’s painting or sculpture. Others, a photo. It can be as small a spark as seeing a color scheme then wanting to photograph it in the form of prints on a skirt or background.

My goal is to never stop seeing these images in my mind.
It’s the the main reason I test a lot.
Never stop shooting.

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