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Photographer Molly Dickson recently shot this series featuring Wallflower Management model Abby Williamson.

Styled by Mimi Le with hair & make-up by Lana Adams, the team put together step one of Molly’s work. Then came the multi-step post production.

Pre-shoot I met with Mimi and we got a feel for what we wanted to do in the studio, deciding on a denim-based story.

And then the hands-on post treatment was inspired by polaroid crop folds and happy accidents/deterioration.

I printed my favorite shots then started to fold and tear them. I was prepared for some trial and error with multiple versions but I was pretty happy with them on the first try for the most part. Then the altered prints were photographed.

So a few extra steps in there to get to the end product!

Molly’s post treatments are part of what makes her work so special. If you missed her “Analog Kids” video, now’s your chance to correct that. Be sure to go full screen, k?

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