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The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas | styled by Stephanie Quadri | DMagazine DEC 2013

D Magazine holds an annual online public voting contest to identify “The 10 Most Beautiful Women in Dallas.” Sisterbrother stylist Stephanie Quadri and assistant Ashley McPherren dressed these pretty ladies. Stephanie gives us the run down…

Styling direction started off being black, white, or blue looks to keep things consistent throughout the editorial. The idea was to make the women feel and look as beautiful as possible…while making sure they were confident, comfortable, and feeling pretty!

Photographer Bode Helm is great with the ladies and always brings out their personalities.

Some ladies brought their own looks but most of them chose something that we pulled with them in mind.

We ended up shooting almost all of the ladies in two looks. Some of those can be seen in D Magazine’s slideshow and in their behind-the-scenes video.

One stylist nightmare happened: we did get a scuff on a pair of Alaïa boots which we ended up having to buy…that’s the challenge when working on these kind of shoots. But all else considered, it is always a rewarding to do a shoot making real women feel their best!


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