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Yes or Yes | by STEVEN VISNEAU | video

Brother Steven Visneau created this beautiful story for the Kim Dawson 2013 Video Series. Every year, Modeling Agency Kim Dawson holds a Model Search video event.
Talented photographers are randomly assigned models and given carte blanche freedom to create any vision they see fit. Neiman Marcus provides the wardrobe and each photographer assembles his/her production team.

So, how did Steven’s concept come about?

Well, I was inspired by my own story but it goes far beyond my experience.
It really ends up being about the complexity of any relationship.

Do you apply any special techniques on set to get the B+W look you are going for?

I’m a Black & White junkie. Gus Van Sant, Jonas Mekas, Jim Jamusch, Jean-Pierre Jeunet all give me inspiration for my film projects. I shoot a lot of black & white (well, I convert it) so I know what I’m looking at on the screen that will translate. I shot a million B+W film polaroids in my time so I apply that experience, as well.

My team of cinematographers was well trusted and directed by me. The team effort on this was truly more than anyone can ask for in a production. We will be making many more in the future. The company is called VisDalBri.

Yes or Yes from steven visneau on Vimeo.

What’s your very favorite part of “Yes or Yes?”
When he grabs the pocket knife from the bedside table. So many little things in that scene are vital. The story’s full background and inspiration takes a while to explain. If anyone is interested – ask me in person, preferably over a bottle of wine…

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