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Schoolhouse Rock | Photos by STEVEN VISNEAU | Tribeza Sept2013

So many cover stories, so little time.
Way to go Sisters and Brothers.

Brother Steven Visneau shot “Schoolhouse Rock” for the September 2013 issue of Austin’s Tribeza magazine.
What a location! Tell us about it, Steven…

The shoot was entirely in a 1930′s built Mason Lodge turned Elementary school in Smithville, Texas.

Abandoned schoolhouse in Texas Looks like natural light, did you supplement at all?

I shot all natural light as the building was so hauntingly lit by the dusted, cracked and missing windows. It would have been a crime to use any other light source.

The building itself was in basic shambles.

Creaky stairs made it difficult to get up and down to the top floor so we all were on our most careful watch.

By day’s end it was over a hundred degrees inside but the day went without a hitch.

Pretty amazing. A real reflection on the past in its current state of grit and decay…

I love shooting in these old, small Texas towns.
A view to small town life that should be treasured.

No doubt.

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