D Home Magazine Photos © 2013 Chris Plavidal Chris Plavidal Photography for DHome Magazine

Best of Big D: Home | photography by CHRIS PLAVIDAL | D Home Sept-Oct 2013

Chris Plavidal snapped pics of THE BEST OF BIG D for the September/October 2013 edition of D Home Magazine.

This was a fun shot to do – there’s nothing better than shooting ‘the best’. We had a really great crew (Jocelyn Meinster styled with Kristin Butler assisting) who pulled vast amounts of the best stuff. Shots like this are always a team effort with AD, stylists and myself working together to choose and place the items.

Cover Photo of SEPT/OCT 2013 DHome On a big giant shot like this we tweak everything until its just right, and then we generally do a messier, or more unexpected twist on it. Like this best of shot originally was very neat and clean and then we did this version with bites taken out of things, ice cream open, wine glass empty, etc. “Anyone care for a piece of pie?”

Chris Plavidal Photography for DHome Magazine

Chris did all the photos for the this issue’s “Best of” Features :

Luxury Tabletop photo

Photography by Chris Plavidal

Cool shots, Chris!

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