FDLuxe Photos ©2013 Steven Visneau Photography by Steven Visneau

CrazySexyCool | STEVEN VISNEAU photography + STEPHANIE QUADRI and BRITTANY WINTER, stylists | FDLuxe Sept2013

Steven, Stephanie, Brittany and Elizabeth quite literally ROCK this FDLuxe editorial.

Photographer Steven Visneau gives the rundown on the shoot…
This Fall, rock is back. Black is back.

It was a no brainer that we modeled this shoot after glam rock n roll of the late 70′s.
Tight, right, outta sight.

There was a very specific vision.
For the recording studio part of it, lighting was meant to look like 35mm grainy black and white film.

For the Photography set it was the saturated world of future throwback glam gods.

We shot at Modern Electric for the recording studio scenes then my studio (Studio 1816) for the photo sets.

Any big challenges with this shoot?
If there were they were masked by how much fun we had creating these images.
R n R!!!

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