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Summer of Self Discovery | wardrobe styling by STEPHANIE QUADRI | More Magazine July 2013

Wardrobe Styled by SisterBrother Mgmt stylist Stephanie QUadri
Stephanie Quadri’s first experience styling with notable photographer Geof Kern.
Known for his artistic, unique and often surreal images, working with Geof is a bit of a different process than most fashion and commercial shoots.

SQ: Geof drew out the storyboards and we collaborated on ideas for the fashion that would be best suited. He has very specific sketches which he aims to match the photos to.

GK: Stephanie walked into the studio and I showed her some sketches on the shots I wanted to do. Of the three images for this assignment, one had no wardrobe, one had probably none showing, and the other was simply two bathing suits. Not having worked with Stephanie before, she asked the right questions : what did I have in mind for the bathing suit or the wardrobe where nothing might be showing?

I answered her in the way I thought was right for Stephanie, after seeing her work- “whatever you think Stephanie, it’s up to you.” I guess you might say I trusted her. And she came with just the perfect things. It’s sometimes hard to step inside someone’s head on assignments, but if you just do what you do best, it’s never a problem. That’s why you’re there.

Photos by Geof Kern

SQ: It was a great experience to work with someone with such a clear vision…he knows what he wants and does all the prep work necessary to get the precise shot he envisions. Driving down to Galveston was an adventure and although it was a quick trip, it was a lot of fun. Studio shoots can get monotonous. Shooting on location always makes it more interesting.

A successful match.
The two have already done more work together.
And more collaborations are coming down the ‘pike.
Stay tuned…


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