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Clifford Ross Glass Installation | Photographed by CASEY DUNN | Texas Architect May / June 2013

Not to brag, but both of Casey Dunn’s photos from his stories in the past two issues of Texas Architect made the cover.
Can we get a group golf clap?
Well done, Casey.
To shoot the Clifford Ross (28 sq ft, 9000lb) stained glass installation in the lobby of an Austin, Texas federal courthouse, Casey “spent 2 separate days shooting the installation just for the artist, which gave me the chance to really study the piece during all phases of the day.”

“One of the most amazing elements of the Ross piece is how it interacts with the lighting environments, both natural and supplemental, throughout the day.”

Photography by Casey Dunn

“From a technical standpoint, shooting a 30 foot glass subject surrounded on all sides by windows made for a tricky battle with reflections. Also, since the experience of the artwork is so much about the ambient light play, we stayed away from adding any of our own supplemental light. We did however, cover the back windows behind the art glass with about 40 ft worth of neutral density film. Can’t say I’ve ever done that before.”

So, did Casey get his shot?

Clifford Ross installation photography

We think so but he tells us, “I think this is one place where the experience of the installation doesn’t translate to a still image.”

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