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Slice | design + photography by MOLLY DICKSON | The Wallflower Issue 6

A fresh issue of Wallflower Management‘s Zine, “The Wallflower” has released.
The Dallas-based modeling agency recruited several on the SisterBrother roster to help make it happen.
This first post highlights Photographer Molly Dickson‘s work.
Molly not only shot the spread “Slice,” she also designed the Zine.
Really cool work.

Contributors page for WallFlower Zine 6 JUNE 2013

Molly, on getting the Zine design locked a timely fashion, says : “Photographers are a hard group to round up! I give kudos to anyone who wrangles us on a regular basis.” So when working on the layout for something like this “Contributors” page, “I guess people don’t know that I steal pictures off their Facebook as place holders (and threaten to use them if I they don’t send me theirs).” A solid way to ensure folks respond to your image requests. Good one.

Molly’s “Slice” photo story (images below) was almost named “Please Excuse My Beauty” after a YouTube video Andrew Bayer and Shane Monden made her watch on set. Google can help you out with that one…have fun.

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