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Another Friday, another day to contemplate the crazy week and look forward to a crazy/calm weekend (take your pick!)

Can I just say…our stylist roster is one talented collection of individuals. All share their own sense of style and some even share their how-tos/observations  on their respective blogs.



Stephanie Quadri’s clean and simple blog is where she writes about her top picks in fashion and what is hot right.now.  Love her writing!

Her spring-time recommendations for wardrobe and helpful advice on what works for every type of woman out there has been my go-to for inspiration.

Wanna be on-trend? Bookmark this blog, now.


Malina Pearson has recently joined the world of Tumblr to offer her thoughtful commentary on the world of design, what inspires her through sourced images and just writes some wonderful articles worthy of any style/design magazine. It also makes for beautiful eye-candy to browse through! Plus I just dig the name of her blog – Monofilament. Yeah prop stylists, you know what’s up.


Mari Hidalgo is one busy lady on and off the set. When she’s not styling, she’s designing! Yes, we have mentioned this before but Mari has her very own fashion line reWerked (go view & shop here)  and her new line that she’ll be working on this summer, ‘mari’. Seriously loving these mannequin shots on her website! xoxo

Brittany Winter is the latest to jump into the street style blog world. Partnered with Central Track, she provides a fun glimpse into the DFW nightlife with her keen observations and quick-draw camera skills. Not to mention, she provides quirky advice on everything from street trends to how to dress for dates. Check out her contributions at the Central Track website!

Jennifer Bigham keeps things vintage with her collection of found thrift treasures on Etsy –  Whiskey Vintage.  Browse there and if you’re in the mood for some thrifting, check out this weekend’s yard sale!  When she’s not thrifting for beautiful quirky clothing and accessories, Jennifer keeps her own tumblr to track inspiration on the interweb.

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