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Like a Dream…

The angelic Remy (Wallflower Mgmt) was the subject in a recent collaborative shoot between Brother Steve Visneau and fellow SisterBrother stylist, Mari Hidalgo. With rich, textured styling and dreamy lighting, the duo produced the following imagery. Cue the collective dreamy sigh of appreciation… xoxo sam

Screen shot 2011-02-25 at 10.30.33 AM

I wanna rock and roll all niiiiight

…and party every day! Sorry, sorry. Brother Steve‘s shoot for Austin Monthly got me all pumped up for the weekend!  The editorial features models rocking some iconic looks from the greats, such as Hendrix and Bowie. Makes me wanna air guitar! Happy Friday everyone! - … Read More

March Kiehl's BW CP

There’s just something about Kiehl’s…

Dynamic Beauty Duo, Chris and Brittany, are at it again with this fresh homage to all things Kiehl’s in the March Book for Neiman Marcus. -jenn


And a darn good shooter too…

Sister Sam… what would I do without her? She keeps me on track, on schedule, on time. No small task. On top of that, in her spare time, she’s a darn good photographer too. Below are a few of her images for jeweler, F is … Read More


Brother and Sister-In-Law Hipster!

Okay, so one thing I love so hard about my sweet Sisterbrother family is that in addition to the sisterbrothers being so fantastic, their significant others (friends/wives/husbands/specials) are equally fantastic making for a rad extended family as well. Dallas Child Magazine recognizes Christine Visneau, Brother … Read More

Jennifer Bigham Announcement

Meet Sister Jennifer!

Exciting news! We have a new addition to the Sisterbrother Mgmt. family! – Sister Jennifer Bigham. Jennifer is a styling assistant of the highest caliber. She’s got the skills and the stamina to keep any project flowing smoothly! Welcome to the family Jennifer!! - Jenn … Read More


Things of Beauty

Some projects just get better and better with each go. The Beauty Book for the Book for Neiman Marcus is one of those projects. Dream team, Brother Chris and Sister Brittany along with a great crew and one of our favorite art directors makes this … Read More

Picture 12

Dedicated to Fashion..

Allison V. Smith shot some portraits for this Wall Street Journal story and we just had to share! Dropping $50,000 on a dramatic Dolce & Gabbana gown sounds unreal…. unless you’re one of these women who see themselves more as “art collectors” than “fashionistas.” Unlike … Read More

Scan 1

Fast and Fluffy vs. Slow and Scaly.

The Tortoise and the Hare! Check out the finished image from Darren Braun’s shoot in this month’s issue of AARP. Props to Paige Anderson of agent Beast for providing a gang of adorable rabbits and one chill tortoise for the shoot!


Who Loves Ya Baby?

As promised, another heart-shaped helping of Valentine’s Day bloggage. Our darling Sister Brittany put her top-tier taste to the test with the Dallas Morning News Valentine’s Day shopping guide featured in both Friday and Saturday’s papers. Note to anyone who ever needs to shop for … Read More


We Heart You. or Love is in the Hair.

So, it’s Valentine’s Day… Whether it makes you swoon or makes the bile rise in your throat, it a day not without an easy theme. And, for the blogger (even long-lost ones, such as myself), a super theme-y day means, a super easy post. Never … Read More


Beautiful and Sinister…

flipping through this month’s issue of F/D Luxe and Paper City will definitely notice Urban Flower Grange Hall‘s eye-catching images for their advertising campaign, “Sinfully Beautiful“. The handiwork of Richard Krall, I think we can all agree that the images are both flawless and a wee … Read More