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Brother Chris From the Sky + At the Sky and, also, A Thank You

Brother Chris has loads of gems on his blog right now. Check it out. It’s called Adventures in Magnetism. Oh, the many sides of Mr. Plav.

He was lucky enough to be in a helicopter over downtown for the demolition at First Baptist Academy/Church building recently. (Personal note: my primary school is now DUST!) It’s incredible to me how remarkably peaceful these images are. One of the many reasons I love this artform. Silence.





From the sky, the world is pretty gorgeous – even demolition. It’s not so bad from the ground either, as evidenced in this next shot by Brother Chris.


So, this is a natural foray into the sentiments those of you who know me know that I simply cannot resist. Cue the sappy music. Apologies, I’ll make it quick.

Thank you. Thank you to photography for making me fall completely and unendingly in love with you. Thank you to the photo industry for taking care of my family and me. Thank you to the people of this industry for being supportive and exciting and nurturing, in your own special way. Thank you, mostly though, today, to all of my darling sisters and brothers for allowing me into your lives and your art. I’m honored and blessed.

Happy Day After Thanksgiving Everyone.


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