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Behind the Scenes with Brother Steve

There is quickly forming an extension of the Sisterbrother family… Little brothers and sisters with loads and loads of talent and the crispy, fresh and clean vision of youth. One of our favorites is Brother Kalen. This is not his first appearance here on the Sisterbrother … Read More

SV Aubrey b+w


As temperatures finally drop out of the 80′s here in Texas, Brother Steve is doing all he can to keep it toasty. In a recent project with Stylist Aubrey Mayo, Steve cranks up the heat.


Brother Chris From the Sky + At the Sky and, also, A Thank You

Brother Chris has loads of gems on his blog right now. Check it out. It’s called Adventures in Magnetism. Oh, the many sides of Mr. Plav. He was lucky enough to be in a helicopter over downtown for the demolition at First Baptist Academy/Church building recently. (Personal … Read More


Sister Stephanie and the 10 Most Beautiful

So, the annual D Magazine Ten Most Beautiful Women in Dallas is on stands now. However you feel about this Dallas tradition, there is no denying how smashing these ladies are in their immaculately styled wardrobes. Sister Stephanie did a gorgeous job making her top of … Read More


Richard on the Red Carpet

Brother Richard will be honored tomorrow night by the Fashion Group International of Dallas. Bravo Brother!


Brother Bookends

Last week, I mentioned Brother Richard’s cover for F!D Luxe. Sisterbrother bookended this issue! Brother Chris closed it with a close shot of a piece by new design darling Meredith Miller Collection. That’s right, y’all…. we’re everywhere.  :)


Brother Darren and the Immortal Court McGee

Brother Darren recently travelled to Utah to photograph Court McGee, American mixed martial artist forESPN Magazine. McGee died of a heroin overdose but was resucitated long after all signs of life had faded. Now sober, McGee is a prize MMA competitor and winner of the Ultimate Fighting Championship’seleventh … Read More


Brother Chris Delivers the Ho-Ho-Holiday Beauty Book!

The Neiman Marcus Beauty Book is a gorgeous gift guide for holiday… Fellas take note! Brother Chris and Sister Brittany supported by a fantastic crew and directed by a favorite client make a little magic yet again.


Sister Brittany Shines

Who’s having trouble believing it’s already “that time of year”? It can’t possibly just be me. Here in Tejas, the temperatures are still nearing 80 and the sun is shining like it too is reluctant to accept the holidays are coming. But retail marches on. … Read More


Brother Richard, Our Cover Boy

So glad to see our Brother Richard on the cover of F!D Luxe again!  Wallflower Remy is smoking hot on this Autumn|Winter cover.


Chris is a Choo In

Brother Chris made me smile with this lovely thing all bright and shiny in my inbox over the weekend. Mr. Plavidal worked with these darling Jimmy Choo’s among others for Neiman Marcus just a few weeks ago.


Darren’s Fortune says it’s time to give back…

Brother Darren illustrated a story for the current issue of Fortune Magazine. Apparently, our sad slow economy has improved enough to require us to keep our star employees happy. Which, um, we should probably do anyway, right? I think this is good news for all of … Read More