Monthly Archives: September 2010


He Believes He Can Fry

The article in Texas Monthly starts like this: “ABEL GONZALES JR., AGE FORTY, is the high priest of frying at the State Fair of Texas, which is to say, the world.” In the Great State of Texas, we have several claims to fame which we hold dear. Texan … Read More


Brother Steve has a way with the CoverGirls

Brother Steve photographed these junior cover girls for the current issue of Dallas, Fort Worth and North Texas Child Magazines. Bless their precious hearts – tiaras across Texas.


A – l – m – o – s – t T – i – m – e.

Sometimes we reallllly have to sit on a story for a loooong time before we can show off. Sister Allison had a great time shooting the upcoming cover of Sunday’s Parade Magazine … …way back in M A Y!!! Here’s a behind the scenes shot. We’ll … Read More


Behind the Scenes with Brother Darren

Brother Darren has hardly spent one moment still all summer! Truly one of the busiest summers on record, this guy has been bouncing from one city to the next for months. Here are a few behind the scenes shots of Boy Wonder at work forScientific … Read More