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Happy Birthday to SISTERBROTHER MGMT! Though we officially started at the beginning of June last year, we launched with a big ol’ party at the end of September. So, we are celebrating our first birthday tonight. It’s been a rich, rich year. I think we’ve … Read More


Bon Automne, Small Magazine!

Across the country, the heat of summer is mellowing into fall. I’m sure that’s quite a lovely thing. Here in the Lone Star State, however, we are still enjoying temperatures near the century mark and the all-too-familiar, not at all autumnal sensation of sweat dripping from … Read More


Brother Darren’s keepin’ office romance alive!

Bloomberg Businessweek discusses the newly threatened office romance. Is there no treat sacred enough to survive this economy? Brother Darren paints a picture…


It’s that time of year again….

The STATE FAIR OF TEXAS opened Fry-day! AVS is our resident Fair Photographer. Below, Big Tex says, “Get your rear end to the fair, y’all!”


Krall Does Korshak

From transforming nerds into bombshells to capturing sun-touched sophisticates in the garden, Brother Richard has been a busy boy lately. Below are a few of my favorite images from the Stanley Korshak’s Fall Book. This weekend, have some fun, y’all! You’ve been working so hard.


When I said “Leaps and Bounds”…

Remember the day before yesterday when I mentioned this Sisterbrother family of ours growing by leaps and bounds…? Guess what?! Now announcing our new Sister Brittany Winter!!! Brittany has been like a best friend to the family for a while now, styling for Brother Chris … Read More


Sister Allison shot it with her iPhone.

Sister Allison is part of a group show on Friday. All showcased images have been shot with the one and only iPhone. Come out and see how this great cast of photographers uses this new medium as a real and effective tool.


OMG! It’s a girl! Welcome Mari Hidalgo!

Our family is growing by leaps and bounds! We have a few announcements to make over the next few days. We are gonna need a bigger house. Help me welcome Sister Mari Hidalgo! Mari is a wardrobe stylist who can actually do just about anything. … Read More

Screen shot 2011-01-05 at 2.47.59 PM

And then he pulled out the tin foil.

Oh, Happy Monday. Brother Steve and Sister Stephanie partnered up with Wallflower Mary Margaret and Wallflower Shane for a GORGEOUS test recently. Our assistant Numero Uno, Kalan Briggs got a bit of behind the scenes footage for your viewing pleasure. Have a great day! This is YOUR week, … Read More


Chris Beautifies the September Issue

Brother Chris has been rockin’ the Neiman Marcus Beauty Book recently. The cornerstone September Issue is no exception. Here are a few of my favorites. Y’all have a great weekend! Get some rest, you sound tired.


Geek Squad Goes Sexy or Brother Richard Transforms

I’ve always been of the opinion that Brother Richard can make any lady stunning and when you’re starting with a model, you know, where’s the challenge really? For the current issue of On Magazine, Richard’s just showin’ off his skills transforming the nerd herd into gorgeous gang. … Read More


Hands on Horns on Paper

Turns out the images Brother Chris recently shot of Astrid Sulger’s jewelry were able to find a home in the pages of F!D Luxe. Bravo Astrid and crew for the hugely successful American launch!