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Sisterbrother Mgmt. Secrets Revealed! or Where Our Name Comes From or Which one of Them is Your Brother?

I am often asked where the name Sisterbrother Mgmt. came from. I’m also often asked which of the photographers is my brother. In answer to the latter, they all are, but I know what you mean…

My real-life brother, Ryan Dunn, is hugely inspirational to me. He’s a director slash animator slash graphic designer slash all around talented maker. He lives in New York. I miss him a lot. Ryan and his business parter, Wyeth have a company called LABOUR.

Anyhow, Ryan and I started a blog called sisterbrother on his birthday two years ago. We each upload one image daily from our iPhones. That’s it. I liked how the collaboration felt so much that when my agency was born I couldn’t name it anything else. A recent example of a day on the original sisterbrother blog is below. Sometimes, I think the mind wants there to be parallels and sometimes I think the parallels are undeniable.

Picture 4

Have a great weekend, y’all!


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