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Sisterbrother Mgmt. Secrets Revealed! or Where Our Name Comes From or Which one of Them is Your Brother?

I am often asked where the name Sisterbrother Mgmt. came from. I’m also often asked which of the photographers is my brother. In answer to the latter, they all are, but I know what you mean… My real-life brother, Ryan Dunn, is hugely inspirational to me. … Read More


FWO + AVS= Perfectly Matched

It’s not every day that a job comes along that seems to have your name written all over it. A job that you might dream up at night and call it a fantasy. Sister Allison is thanking her big ol’ Texan lucky stars for the Fort Worth … Read More


Behind the scenes with Brother Richard

A little sneak peek from Brother Richard‘s shoot for ON Magazine last week. Could there be a more rockin’ combo than black minis, motorcycles and a lovely lady? Stay tuned for the published story in a few weeks.


In support of Flickr

For photographers as prolific as Sister Allison, there are hardly enough homes available for all of the images she produces. By now, you know her blog and her zines and of course her agency’s website but maybe you don’t know about herFlickr feed. Dang. So much work. Here are … Read More


Monday Morning Typo.

To those of you who receive emails from me on Monday mornings, an apology. Chances are good you will not understand what I’m saying on the first go-around. Measures are being taken to improve this condition. In the meantime… a visual representation of my monday … Read More

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Please hold for a brief message from Monsieur Krall

Brother Richard has some of the best stories of our lovely industry I’ve ever heard. Stories about Paris in the photo shoot glamour hay days. Stories about Guy Bourdain. Stories about models and on-set antics. When asked to create a biographical video for the website, Richard … Read More


There’s a new blogy in the family!

Chris has created a blog and I’d love to be the first to welcome it to the family of Sisterbrother blogs! Adventures in Magnetism promises to be a fun portal into the mind of Brother Chris. Who’s up for some fresh coffee in the (817)? As … Read More


Chris Reflects on Footware

Mr. Plavidal has been experimenting in the studio again with his partner in crime of late, stylist Brittany Winter. This time the dynamic duo are playing with the look glass. .



Some of us Sisterbrothers have littles. Here are three. I thought Roxie, Eden and Amelie summed up a Monday morning quite nicely. Let’s all have a great week, shall we?


You didn’t think there was only one Sartorialist, did you?

Chris is not the only Sisterbrother who’s work graced the pages of this month’s issue of F!D Luxe. Allison V. Smith photographed Dallas’ own sartorialist, Salvador Martinez. Very dapper indeed.


In Print Now: Orange Crush

Oh, how lovely is F!D Luxe?! Who else would devote an entire (really big) page to something as fun as a spattered and splintered bottle of nail polish?! Chris and Brittany had fun with old hammers and dainty glazes. A smashing success, if I do say so myself.


In Print Now: Everything, Including the Kitchen Ink

Happy Monday! Brother Steven Visneau wins the award for the brother with the most tattoos, or tats or ink or work which makes him a natural fit for the Dallas Observer‘s current cover story, Kitchen Ink. Turns out, many of our most talented chefs here in D-Town are also heavily tattooed. … Read More