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In Print Now: If loving fashion is a crime…

…you’ll have to cuff me and cart me off. The September issue of the Book is in stores now and it’s a stunner. I’m especially fond of pages 140-144.  Chris Plavidal’s fragrance story leaves him smelling like a rose.


Sneak Peek: Richard Krall for Lumen Water

All water is not created equal, according the the good people at Lumen Water. I, for one, couldn’t agree more. This is the most up-scale, couture water ever to whet my palette.  And fashion conscious, to boot. Richard made magic this week with model, Shelby Keeton, and an all-star supercrew.


In “Print” Now: style/SWOON Blog

One lucky afternoon this spring, I took portfolios to Rovillo + Reitmayer and met the super talented Samantha Reitmayer. Sam was just about to start a blog when we met and I’ve had such a great time watching it evolve.  Meet Chris’ work was just featured this week.  Sweet or sour … Read More


In Print Now: Virtuoso Life Magazine

The good folks at Virtuoso Life Magazine feature a different adult beverage in each issue of their publication.  This month, it’s Jenn’s gin’s turn.  Having come a long way since it’s humble beginnings as a remedy for kidney ailments in the 17th century, gin is now officially … Read More


In “Print” Now: Small Magazine

Have you met Small Magazine?  It’s the most incredible online mag for all the littles in your life.  Steve shot a fantastic series of portraits showcasing all the best kiddo accessories  See the full story here.


When it’s too darn hot.

What do you do when makeup is melting and hair is frizzing and the lovely garden location is beginning to look at risk of spontaneous combustion?  Duh – you go inside!  This little project of Steven‘s is what I like to call “makin’ lemonade”.  New face, Lili, … Read More


Ladies v. Gents

Steven is at it again.  Cannot get this guy to put the camera down!  New faces from Wallflower Management and Page Parkes bounce and brood below.


Sneak Peek: Steven shoots Small

My very favorite eleven-year-old sat for Mr. Visneau Friday.  Steven was shooting a Fall accessories story for Small Magazine. Here’s a glimpse…


Sneak Peek: Richard Krall for ON Magazine + New Face Cali Stewart

Richard worked with the lovely new face, Cali Stewart, yesterday for a project with ON Magazine.  What a beauty this one is! I’m excited to see the end result.  Such a pleasure too, to meet the sweet ladies of ON.


Sneak Peek: Plavidal > the Book > the Bubble

Chris Plavidal finished up a few shots for the Book with art director Cesar Ramirez today.  Easy-breezy day, great crew, great space (Bubble Studio).  Last time this crew worked together, we were attacked by a freak hail storm, totalling three cars and racking up a serious … Read More


Dr. Debakey

Darren recently had the pleasure of shooting the late Dr. Debakey of Houston, pioneer of open-heart surgery, for Esquire Magazine‘s “


Darren’s Down with Ms. Smartypants

Look for this little darling in “The Best of Women’s Health” to be published in October and learn all you ever wanted to know about the education of children to be geniuses. These images were taken by Darren Braun, proving he can offer both brains and Braun. … Read More